My journey has led me down many different paths, through false starts and new beginnings. I’ve reinvented myself several times over, each time learning something new and adding to the overall fabric of my life.


Born and raised in the Boston area, I attended Boston University for my undergraduate education. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in psychology, without a clear idea of what I wanted to do.

After graduating, I booked a one-way ticket to San Francisco, where I spent the next several years pursuing a career in Silicon Valley. I moved through numerous different roles - customer support rep, business analyst, software engineer - acquiring essential business and technical skills along the way.

After many years of exerting precious energy climbing the corporate ladder, I realized that I wasn’t completely fulfilled in my work. In 2017, made the choice to leave San Francisco and the corporate world behind.


While tech is no longer my full-time career, I still occasionally take on freelance projects. 



After leaving my job, I embarked on a soul-searching journey throughout Southeast Asia. I developed a meditation practice, and started to deepen my commitment to yoga.

I had been practicing yoga for a few years, but in the beginning I only saw yoga for it's physical benefits. I was so stiff from a lifetime of playing soccer that I could barely even sit on the ground. I thought yoga would be a great way to loosen my body up and prevent injury.

After some more focused practice, I started to understand the many other ways in which yoga could impact my life. As the tension in my physical body started to release, I noticed my mood improving and my sleep getting better. The frozen energy in my body started to melt, and deep thoughts and feelings started bubbling up to the surface.

I began to recognize the ability of yoga to unlock powerful emotions buried deep in the subconscious. It became clear to me that releasing tension in the body could also mean releasing tension in the mind, and that the two are intimately connected.


In September of 2017, I decided to become a teacher, so that I could help to pass on the beautiful and powerful teachings of the yoga tradition. I received my 200-hour YTT certification while in Bali.

I trained at

 THE PRACTICE // Canggu, Bali

with teachers

Octavio Salvado

Karina Guthrie 

Michael King and Brad Hay

There I learned the practical and philosophical foundations of traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, the oldest of yoga’s many forms of practice.